World Horizons has been working in Cambodia for over 20 years.

In that time they’ve been involved in a number of different ministries including setting up a children’s home, developing an ironworks business and running a local restaurant. Today there are opportunities to get involved long-term in training children’s workers to minister in rural areas, discipling youth and students and getting involved in the administration of local ministries.

There are also opportunities to go on a short-term placement with World Horizons to work with our team in Phnom Penh. For more details click here.

Hillside Missions partners with a couple who minister to the Chinese-Cambodian minority. Many Chinese people began to immigrate to Cambodia, coming in waves, due to war, political pressures, and economic hardships in China. Chinese Cambodians hold to traditional religious practices, including Theravada Buddhism and many live in fear of evil spirits and demons. Most will have never once heard the hope of the gospel.

Cambodia is less than 1% Christian and the Chinese-Cambodians are the least reached people group. Missionaries are living in Cambodia working to build a church planting movement. They work with a team to fulfill their mission by establishing healthy house churches, which in turn will transform communities through the nation.