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Going Like This is an intentional gathering of innovative, compassionate and excited organizations and individuals who are pursuing mission mobilization around the world. We are working to establish Christian community amongst currently unreached people groups. Our members are unified and motivated by the desire to have their lives poured out for God’s glory and purpose through cross-cultural ministry. We are Christian community; providing daily accountability, encouragement, loyalty, and prayer.

The “Going Like This Campaign” is our effort to send 50 missionaries to work with teams in nations that have no access to Christian community. We want to change world missions statistics so drastically that the PEW research center panics at the thought of how many graphs and charts they’ll need to edit. There are many mission opportunities around the world in which you could make a difference.

Do you know exactly what you want to do and exactly where you want to go? Perfect! You can fill out our application form and get the conversation started today. Are you wondering how you could fit into world mission? That’s great, we can train you too! You have the choice of training in the USA, Mexico, or the UK. We welcome individuals, couples and families.

Scroll down within the application to see all of the fields. Please press “submit” once you have completed the form.

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