Middle East



Christianity has always been associated with the Middle East.

It is where Abraham first heard the call of God, where Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, where Jesus was born and crucified, where the travels of the Apostle Paul began, and where so many other stories actually happened. Currently, Christians in the Middle East are the extreme minority, living in nations where honoring the freedom of religion has been neglected. Many churches are forced to meet “underground,” and many believers have given their lives for being Christians.

Despite these difficult circumstances, the Church is growing. God is clearly at work in this area of the world, and has invited us to participate in His plan for the nations. We are both humbled and privileged to go.

World Horizons works in different areas of the Middle East using creative ways to connect with the people, disciple and strengthen the local church. We also pioneer into unreached areas alongside indigenous mission movements to reach the more remote towns and villages.

We have to be careful about how we share our work, but if you want to find out more about opportunities please email enquiries@worldhorizons.co.uk.