U.K. Training Programs

World Horizons UK runs Gap YearSkill Share and Pre-Field Training and Orientation programs at our Centre for the Nations in Llanelli, Wales. The training programs vary in length from seven weeks to six months.

Gap Year Program

The Gap Year program offers three months of preparation in mission, team and faith, followed by a six-month placement working alongside existing teams in communities around the world.

The foundations of the Gap Year are:

Adventure: Step out and deepen your trust in God as you take on challenges, build lasting friendships and live out your faith within another culture.

Engaging with God: Gain a clearer understanding of God’s purposes and how you can work with Him to share your faith with those you meet.

Service: Get involved in serving others using your gifts and skills, and make a difference in the local community.

Our Gap Year program starts with three months of training at our Center for the Nations in Llanelli, South Wales where you will learn about topics such as working in a cross-cultural context, team building and biblical principles. Through the training we want to equip you to take on challenges, develop the confidence to share your faith and grow in serving intentionally. An integral part of the training is the exciting three week trip to South Asia, where you will gain an understanding of cultural challenges and the skills needed to adapt. You will also get the opportunity to go on an expedition to the Himalayan foothills to meet local people of diverse cultural and religious heritage.

Having completed the training you will join one of our teams around the world for a six month placement. Opportunities include supporting refugees in Central Asia, working at a ballet school in South Asia, helping to run outdoor pursuits camps in South Wales and assisting the development of a crafts business in North Africa. All placements involve building friendships and sharing faith through learning local language and culture.

The Gap Year program is for those over the age of 18. Read more about the Gap Year program here!

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Skill Share Program

Even today there are peoples across the world who have never heard the name of Jesus – come with us as we go and share life with them! We’ve been invited by God to join Him in reaching the unreached. As we step out in faith, our lives are changed. Use your gifts and skills in mission through Skill Share.

Training and Placement

Skill Share training runs alongside our Gap Year and Pre-Field Training and Orientation programmes. The course consists of seven weeks of community living, training and preparation at our Centre for the Nations in Llanelli, South Wales. You will have a similar schedule to those on our other programmes, participating in teaching sessions with a focus on working in a cross-cultural context and serving in the local community, but will also receive preparation tailored to your upcoming placement. Where possible, this will include basic language tuition and input from one of our workers who has served in your placement country.
Placement lengths vary, depending on your availability, from three months to a year. Skill Share is for people of all ages (18+). We welcome applications from individuals, married couples and families. Come and use your gifts and skills to bless and serve others around the world, and be part of building God’s kingdom here on earth!

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Pre-Field Training and Orientation

Our Pre-Field Training and Orientation course is designed to prepare trainees to work effectively in cross-cultural teams around the world. Character development and community building are important elements of this preparation. The course provides a highly interactive, exciting and intensive training opportunity. Trainees form a strong community which models the stimulating and challenging context of overseas work in cross-cultural teams.

We encourage trainees to take responsibility for their own learning; identifying and reflecting on their own personal development. Classroom based learning is consolidated and put into practice in the local community as trainees serve with the local church, sharing the love of Jesus with local youth and/or multicultural communities.

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  • Come to a Step Weekend at our Centre for the Nations, where the training takes place, and find out more. Our July weekend is especially focused on the Gap Year.